Our Web Design Process

Creating a website can be very exciting, fun, and rewarding. Here are the steps of our website creation process from start to finish.

1. Client Interview

We have a long list of questions to ask. They help us to get to know your business and help determine the exact scope of work in order to provide you with an accurate quote. The questions are designed with marketing in mind so your website will be search engine friendly and ready for online marketing as soon as your website launches.

2. Quote

A quote is written up based on your answers to the long list of questions we asked.

3. Hire

If you decide to use Barking Dog Graphics as your web designer, please contact us to be added to the work queue. We will then send a contract for you to sign and return as well as a copy of our terms of service.

4. First Payment

We can take your credit card payment over the phone. We also accept credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks on our website through PayPal. A payment of half of the quoted price is due up front and the remainder is due upon completion of the website prior to launch.

5. Keyword Research

The keyword research and planning stage is one of the most important stages of website design. This is when we discover the best keywords and keyphrases to use on your website to assist in reaching first page results on the search engine result pages.

6. Competitive Analysis

This is another very important stage. We will take a look at the top competitors for your chosen keywords and keyphrases to discover why they are ranking high, and what we can do different from them to achieve better ranking results.

7. Outline Website

With the information gathered from the keyword research and competitive analysis we will discuss layout, pages, and design needed to begin work on the wireframing process.

8. Content Creation

This is a good time for you to begin writing the content for your website. Sometimes this can be the most overwhelming part of website design, and the part that can extend the creation process. The keywords we decide on using will help with content creation.

9. Website Wireframe

We will create a greyscale mock-up of your website for the purpose of layout and functionality. This will help us decide on the placement and priority of your website elements. Once you are happy with the wireframe we will move on to building a digital mock-up.

10. Domain and Hosting

Decide on a domain name such as You must also decide on a hosting company. We use GoDaddy for our hosting but there are plenty of hosting companies out there. Bluehost and HostGator are good also. Shop around and find the right hosting company for you and your business. Sign up for website hosting and register your domain name.

11. Access

Send us your login and password for your hosting company or FTP domain so we can access your hosting server and start adding content.

12. Digital Mock-up

We will create a mock-up of your website using Photoshop. This will give you a basic idea of what your website will look like based on the information that you have provided. That way we have something to reference when discussing additions and changes.

13. Send Us Feedback

Let us know what you think. Please do not be shy! It is important to us you get the website you want. It usually takes a few times revising the mock-up and having you look over it to make sure you are happy with the direction it is going.

14. Website Creation

We will build your home page based on the digital mock-up. Once the home page is complete and you are completely satisfied we will build the rest of the pages of your website.

15. Content

We will add all of the content that you have provided us to your website pages.

16. On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will go over all page titles, meta-descriptions, headers, and content on each page to make sure all proper SEO practices are in place.

17. Polish and Fine-Tuning

We will polish and complete all the final touches to your website and ensure that everything is working properly.

18. Final Payment

Once your final payment is received we will complete the final on-site SEO, add the Schema mark-up, and launch the website.

19. Final On-site SEO

We will announce your website to the major search engines by uploading your sitemap file and attaching code on each page of your website for Google analytics.

20. Schema

Schema is a microdata vocabulary that tells search engines specific information about your website and helps to return more relevant search results to users.

21. Launch

Time to launch!!! We will upload the finished product to your web server. Now you have your very own website! Congratulations!!!

22. Off-site SEO

We will set-up all off-site SEO agreed upon at the beginning of the website design project.

23. First SEO Report

We will provide you with an initial SEO report after about a month of your website going live to show where you are currently ranking. In most cases you will not be ranking at all on the initial SEO report. This serves as something to compare the results of the next SEO report to.

24. Fine Tuning SEO

We will go over and fine tune all of the on-site and off-site SEO.

25. Second SEO Report

We will send you a second SEO report in a month from the first SEO report. You may begin to see some positive results from the SEO efforts but typically in can take anywhere from a month to six months to start ranking positively and up to a year to achieve optimum results.

26. Continued SEO

SEO is an ongoing ever changing venture. We will continue to monitor and improve your SEO over the next months. You will receive a third SEO report at three months and a fourth SEO report at six months. If you are happy with your ranking results, we will continue to monitor and improve your SEO for the lifetime of your website, and look forward to your friendship for years to come!!

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