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10 Reasons to have a website

1. Having a professional website can provide your company more credibility in today's business world and help keep up with the competition.

2. Sell products through your website 24-7 for only a fraction of the cost of opening a brick and mortar shop.

3. You are no longer limited to performing business locally. With a website your company can expand its customer base by broadening your global range.

4. Keep your customer’s informed with up to date company information and marketing materials.

5. A website address is much easier to remember than a phone number.

6. Offer superior customer service and satisfaction by interacting with your customer’s personally through your website.

7. Gather customer information by analyzing site statistics such as the number of visitors to your website, what pages are viewed the most, and how long your visitor’s stay on your website.

8. Answer your customer's common questions through a Frequently Asked Questions section; this can save time, money, and resources.

9. Utilize forms on your website to acquire direct questions and information from your customer’s.

10. Reach potential online customers through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.